Extract from Bachelor Thesis
As a Storytelling Publication Design


Oficina Flutuante. Unit Stimulating Activities within
Local Communities in Amazonia, Brazil.

This BA thesis is a research project exploring how multifunctional space would give the local communities of coastal areas of Amazonia, the opportunity to undertake broadly understood activities and would enable the participation of residents in the sustainable development of the Amazon region.

The aim of the project is to build floating units, whose multithreaded and periodic character will create a space, in a sense entertaining and educational, but above all useful. The set of pavilions connected with each other may work together, where each unit corresponds to a different function. Using the river net as an element enabling the selection of any location makes that the unit is as long as the river goes.

The main inspiration for this project has been the relationships I formed with the places and the people I have been surrounded with along my journey in Amazon Rainforest.
Their uniqueness implored me to reflect upon designing a space that would contribute to the Amazon region with kindness.

Exploring: How to keep the landscape intact or taking actions that are least destructive seems to be the most appropriate guideposts for the development of places like the Amazon Rainforest.

Questioning: If something is in a state of equilibrium, is its loss necessary to find greater stability?

Believing: "In something like the moral imperative, which tells us to act as decently as possible." *

MA_AM is a space whose character and form would be addressed to local communities, and serves as a denominator for other events, enabling the intelligent use of its landscape.

*Welzer, H. (2011) Coś, które nadchodzi: Architektura XXI wieku. Collective work